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Specific Features of Handmade Saltillo Mexican Floor Tile

Amidst a sea of floor tiles in the market, you must be able to identify the rustic glow of handmade Saltillo Mexican tiles. Besides their outstanding quality, some other specific features would enable you to identify the real Saltillo tiles at a glance. Let’s explore them. Otherwise, you’ll be played out by tricky traders at the time of purchase. So, here are some outstanding features you see only in Mexican Saltillo tiles. See whether you can make them out.

  • Stripes of colors

You can see color stripping in most of the Saltillo tiles and that’s not a fault in the process of manufacturing. Those stripes are not blemishing either. And they do not add any ugliness to the product. Instead they decorate the overall surface of the tile. These stripes are a result of the varied temperatures inside the kiln. All the tiles are stacked in piles one on the other in the kiln for firing. So, not all the tiles get an equal temperature which results in these beautiful stripping designs. So, at a glance, you must be able to identify that they are real Mexican Saltillo floor tiles.  

  • Bumps on the surface

These bumps are not defects occurred at the production level, but customary signs that show you the uniqueness of handmade Saltillo Mexican tiles. Some may be lime pops, the deposits of minerals on the surface. The uneven surface is not at all a disturbance to the smooth and accurate installation process. You can proudly say that they are specially meant for your floor by the hands of skilled Mexican artisans.

  • Varied size and thickness levels

These are yet another characteristic of the handmade Saltillo Mexican floor tiles. The thickness of the tile could be different from lot to lot. So, it’s advisable for you to buy your tiles from the same lot. However, this does not matter in the installation since the workers always apply rather thick grout lines to get that smooth final finish.

  • Chips and variations in color

In fact, color variations break the monotony of the appearance in Saltillo tiles. And they add something more to its uniqueness. All these changes or unevenness in color, speckles, markings and stripes beautify the overall effect of Mexican handmade Saltillo tiles and nothing else. If you need a rustic, extraordinary flooring that makes your home really Mexican-like, you need to have a good understanding of these variations occur in the production of Saltillo handmade floor tiles. I hope now you’ve already got it, haven’t you?

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