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Mexican Copper Sink – How They Add Style To Your Kitchen/Bathroom

Copper_Sinks_Faucets_400The aesthetically pleasing looks of a Kitchen Copper Sinks are enjoying something of a renaissance in present times. This style of sink has been around for centuries but its appeal is in its timelessness. They are truly unique looking and are akin to having a piece of working art suspended in your kitchen or bathroom! Copper kitchen sinks add a touch of class to both a vintage or a modern kitchen as they seem aged but at the same time ageless. A lot of the attractiveness is due to the unique visuals of copper and yet what most folks do not appreciate is that there are also some functional facets of owning a copper sink. As copper itself is an antimicrobial surface, a sink made with this component is unique in that it is both germ free and and has the ability to naturally heal itself. The benefit to the owner is a germ-free kitchen for ones family, which in turn, minimizes the risks of diseases and illnesses inside the household.

Probably the most important thing you need to contemplate when getting a sink made of copper will be the quality within the copper itself. When purchasing a sink made of copper always make a point of shopping in person. With an popular product markets become awash with inferior imported knockoffs. Sinks making use of inferior materials are tough to maintain as low-quality sinks of copper will stain very easily thus making a potential show-piece actually end up ruining the whole appearance of your kitchen. As with most things in life it’s definitely worth paying extra for better quality. You cannot go wrong if you purchase copper household sinks manufactured in either the USA or Mexico. Shop from a reputable dealer and ask for a quality guarantee.

The other thing that’s worth keeping an eye on in is the gauge (or weight/thickness) of the copper used. Ask the dealer the gauge of the copper (the lower the number the thicker the metal). A lighter gauge will save you money but it will end up denting and warping so it’s not really a good option.

There are four types of different copper finish you also need to be aware of. For those looking for darker shades then opt for Dark Smoke or Rio Grande while the lightest shade is cafe natural. Finally there is Matte copper.

The thing that puts many people off purchasing a Mexican copper sink is the cost but what needs to be considered is that each sink is a major task for the workers as they are all individually handmade and not rolled off a production line. These hard working guys typically work in teams and craft your sink using old-school tools of hammers and chisels just as they were made centuries ago. A beautiful piece like this doesn’t come easily and involves a lot of effort. It’s worth paying a little bit more for this expertise and the unique product they deliver to us.

With so many choices of sinks made of copper on the market today (there’s the copper apron sink, countertop, hammered sink and farmhouse to name just a few!) the hardest choice you will need to make is what Mexican copper sink to spend your money on!

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